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What is Goddess Story TCG?

Goddess Story Collection Cards is the English name given to the Chinese collectable card series 女神物语 – which translates to “Goddess Story” or “Goddess Myth” by the company Little Frog 小青蛙

The series started in mid-2020 and has become popular not only in China & Japan, but all over the world! As of date there are more than 10 sets of this card series!

Each set features a roster of heroines from anime, manga, and video games; for higher rarity cards, beautiful collage and silhouette foiling and embossing work has been done to truly make these cards “pop”! 

To find out more about Goddess Story Collection Cards, take a look around this site! There is also a discord community filled with enthusiasts from around the world who gather to not only discuss and share their most prized cards, but also to trade with fellow members.

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