10M03 Details appear Online – New Rarity and Physical Prizes!

Newest 10 Yuan set introduces cards that can be redeemed for physical goods, and new rarity!

Promotional images of 10M03 have started appearing online. 

This set is bound to very popular, some very popular characters make an appearance in this set as high rarities inclduding Megumin (Konosuba) as an extremely rare trifold, Hu Tao (Genshin Impact!) as an MR, and Dark Magician Girl (Yu-Gi-oh!) also as an MR.

It looks like introducing a new rarity each time there is a new 10-Yuan set release will be a sure thing. 10M01 introduced NTR cards, 10M02 - BGL cards, and now 10M03 introduces DSR cards. Much like NTR and BGL, DSR cards also have a specific theme. The theme is heartbreak and depression...

DSR cards feature the heroine in background scenes featuring pain and heartbreak.

Apart from a new rarity, 10M03 also introduced redeemable prize cards. In each box, there is a small chance to find a prize card that can be redeemed for dakimakura (body pillow). Details of this scheme are currently unknown but as foreigners, redeeming these prize cards outside of Mainland China may be difficult.

SPs make a return, this time SPs are from Umamusume: Pretty Derby.

Each box contains 15 packs (a reduction of 3 packs from the usual 18 packs in the 10 Yuan sets). In each pack there are 2 SRs, , 1 FR, and 1 SSR or above card (4 cards per pack).

Number of cards for each rarity is currently unknown.

Pre-orders and more product images are available here