New 10 Yuan Premium Box Released

All new set comes with never before seen new rarities and is absolutely loaded with Genshin characters!

The newest addition into the 10 Yuan premium box line up has arrived and it could not have delivered more to the fans!

Firstly, a few new rarities have been introduced for this new set, a new three-way folding rarity, and a new "BGL" rarity.

The new three-way folding "tri-fold" rarity is basically six cards in one; and has a panoramic design on the rear side, and a more traditional "Goddess Story - esque" design on the other. There are nine of these designs.

In addition to this, there is another new "BGL" (Boy Girl Love) rarity! A 180-degree move from the "NTR" rarity, this new rarity features the heroine successfully capturing her love interest's heart! The design is much like the previous "NTR" designs, but the collage in the background shows the heroine happy and with her partner!

There are also nine of these designs.


And of course SP cards make a return! Fans asked for Genshin, and Genshin was delivered! The new SP cards are all Genshin Impact characters!

And in a very few random boxes, there will be randomly inserted FR alt-holocards! The pull rate for these are currently unknown but we suspect these alt-art versions to very hard to pull!

The new 10 Yuan box set list will contain:

  • 9 Tri-fold cards
  • 9 SP Cards
  • 9 BGL Cards
  • 18 MR Cards
  • 36 FR Cards
  • 36 SSR Cards
  • 36 SR Cards


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