New 2-Yuan set Announced – Lappland and Texas get the limelight!

Just days after a new 1 Yuan set was announced, a new 2 Yuan set has also been announced.

Lappland and Texas from Arknights get the box art to themselves in the latest addition to the 2 Yuan series - NS-2M06. 

As per usual, the promotional images and posters have shown some of the cards that will be in the set. Notable cards include Rem (Re:Zero) and Ganyu (Genshin Impact) in PTR rarity.

Like the previous 2-Yuan set, this set includes a "secret" PTR card - one that is apparently harder to obtain than other PTR cards and will be in a different print style. The outline of this card has already been shown, and it is quite obvious that this is fan favourite - Marin Kitagawa

Each box contains 30 packs. In each pack there are 4 Rs, 1 SR, and 1 SR or above (6 cards per pack).

The new 2 Yuan box set list will contain:

  • 9 PTR Cards
  • 27 SSR Cards
  • 18 SR Cards

The number of R cards is currently unknown.

The box is available for pre-order so that the product can be shipped ASAP as soon as it arrives to retailers. 

Pre-orders and more product images are available here