NS-2M03 Goddess Story Set

This is the third 2 Yuan box released by Little Frogs and it's heroine galore!

This set contains only 72 cards, making it one of the smaller Goddess Story sets, that's excellent news for collectors who wish to master set this!

A lot of characters from the "Isekai" genre feature in this set, shows such as Re:Zero, That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime, and Konosuba. As a result this set is perfect for fans of that genre!

NS-2M03 comprises of 30 packs per box with 6 cards per pack.

Each pack contains 2 SR or better, and 4 Rs.

This box has 6 rare slots which can be SSR, or PTR.

2M03 Box art

Main Set

NS-02M03 Main Set List

NS-02M03-PR Promo Set List