NS-05M01 Goddess Story Set

This is the first 5 Yuan box released by Little Frogs and the first product to contain the coveted ZR cards!

ZR cards are much like Weiss Schwarz's SP or SSP cards and feature a gold signature stamp.

Much like the gold stamped cards in Weiss Schwarz, these ZR cards are also very hard to pull! Although exact ratios have not been officially announced, figures gathered by our discord community indicate that ZR cards appear once in every 4/5 boxes!

This set features characters from a wide variety of anime, from One Piece to The Quintessential Quintuplets but picks the best characters from each anime, as a result there is a heavy presence of main characters in this set.

NS-5M01 comprises of 20 packs per box with 8 cards per pack. The set contains 207 cards, making this the largest Goddess Story set!

Each pack contains 1 SSR or better, 3 SRs and 4 Rs.

This box has 2 rare slots which can be MR, PTR or ZR.

05M01 Box art

Main Set

NS-5M01 Main Set List

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