NS-05M05 Goddess Story Set

This is the fifth 5 Yuan box released by Little Frogs and the first in the Goddess Story series to have XR cards!

There are two versions of the 5M05 box, a cubic "normal" version and a rectangular "online" version.

The new rarity "XR" can only be obtained from the "online" version. XR cards feature vector art style artwork - take a look at some examples below.

Normal box contains 20 packs. In each pack there are 4 Rs, 3 SRs, and 1 SSR or above (8 cards per pack).

The Online box contains 18 packs. In each pack there are 2 Rs, 1 SR and 1 SSR and above (4 cards per pack).


The set contains 117 cards.

As much like the preceding 5 Yuan sets, this set continues to contain coveted ZR cards, but the new XR cards are actually harder to pull (One in every 16 boxes).

  • 9 ZR cards
  • 18 MR Cards
  • 9 XR Cards
  • 18 PTR Cards
  • 27 SSR Cards
  • 18 SR Cards
  • 27 R cards

05M05 Box art

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