NS-06 Goddess Story Set

2022's Most Popular Waifu makes her Goddess Story Debut!

Marin Kitagawa has been a heavily requested character, and she appears in this set as SSR rarity.

This set contains 72 cards, much like the other 1 Yuan sets. This set also contains characters from many popular games such as Arknights, Genshin Impact, Azur Lane, and Touhou Project.

1 Yuan boxes don't contain PTR cards, the maximum rarity in 1 Yuan boxes are SSR cards, Genshin Impact fans will be glad to know that Klee and Qiqi appear as SSRs in this set! 

Each box contains 30 packs. In each pack there are 4 Rs, and 1 SR or above (5 cards per pack).

This box has 6 rare slots which can only be SSR.

The set list contains

  • 18 SSR Cards
  • 36 SR Cards
  • 18 R Cards

NS-06 Box art

Set List