NS-10M01 Goddess Story Set

The 10 Yuan product is currently Little Frogs most premium product. It introduces new rarity types to the Goddess Story Universe: SP, NTR, and FR.

SP have alternate artwork on the back of the card rather than stats. When all are collected (currently 9) they make a new image. This is similar to Yugioh's Exodia or Pokemon's V-Union cards.

NTR depicts an image of sexual jealously or cuckoldry. This is also known as "netorare". There are 2 example below of Asuna (SOA) and Emilia (re:Zero)

FR in this set are largely comprised of characters from Touhou Project. FR's are printed semi-transparent which gives them a completely unique look! Watch some of the pull videos to see what these cards

NS-10M01 comprises of 18 packs with 6 cards per pack. Each pack has 4 SR, 1 FR, and 1 SSR. The SSR can be replaced with MR, NTR, or SP.

This box has up to 3 rare slots which can be SP, NTR or MR. It is currently unknown what the pull rates are. However it "seems" more difficult to pull an NTR rather than an SP or MR.

10 Yuan Box art

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